Product Tutorial

  1. Complete Guide to Insta360 4K Spherical Camera
  2. Guide to Play and Edit 360 Degree Videos
  3. Instructions on Insta360 4K Mobile App
  4. Losslessly Import Raw Video to AE/PR Using This Miraculous Plugin
  5. Pr Tutorial for Insta360 Panaroma
  6. Live Streaming Introduction
  7. Youtube 360 Live Streaming Tutorial

Product Functionality Questions

Q1: What are the main features of the product and where is the product typically used?

A1: As the world's first-ever 4K spherical camera, Insta360 is capable of handling 360-degree panoramic pictures, videos and live stream. Its wide-range applications include conference recording, wedding ceremony, live concert recording, estate showing, news reporting and traveling guidance which is employed by the traveling websites and agencies in the form of panoramic video and photo to show the traveling routes and scenes to the customers.

Q2: What does the camera come standard with?

A2: Camera Body1, 1/4 Screw-on Connecting Colunm1, USB to DC charging cable1, TF card1, Power Adapter1, Lens Cleaning Cloth1, Instruction Manual1, Quick Start Guide(QSG)1, Lens Calibration Stickler1, Automatic Calibration Guide1

Q3: What are the video resolutions?

A3: There are three different sets of resolution:

  • 4K(4096 x2048 )15fps

  • 3K(3072 x1536)24fps

  • 2.7K(2048x1024) 30fps

Q4: Does the video shot by the camera support real-time viewing or it requires post-production adjustment?

A4: It supports Real-time viewing.

Q5: How is the camera's battery peformance? How long does it take a fully charged battery to run out?

A5: The built-in lithium battery can theoretically last for 100mins after it is fully charged and the camera is also fully functional while connecting to the power bank.

Q6: Does the Insta360 4K have GPS model?

A5: No, It does not.

Q7: What storage format does it use?

A7: All video will be stored as MP4 file.

Q8: What is the ISO range of this product?

A8: 100-6400

Q9: Which type of the external audio source does the camera support? The Mono input or the Stereo input?

A9: It has a 3.5mm stereo microphone jack and user could change to other types of microphone as long as it fits.

Q10: Is the DSLR tripod applicable to this equipment?

A10: Yes, it is.

Q11: Does this panoramic camera support Optical zoom?

A11: The camera does not support currently Optical Zoom and it is equipped with Prime Lens.

Q12: Is Flash the video player for panoramic video?

A12: Yes.

Q13: What is the Effective Operating Range between the mobile application and camera?

A13: Theoretically, it should be within 10 meters.

Q14: Can you offer SDK?

A14: Yes, we can.

Q15: What is the suitable temperature range for the use of camera?

A15: 0-40 degree celsius.

Q16: How to connect the camera with drone?

A16: There are standardized screw holes at the bottom of the camera, which can be used for connecting the drone.

Q17: How much storage space does it have and does it support storage extension?

A17: It has 128GB and support TF card extension.

Q18: Can the panoramic video be played in Gear VR?

A18: Yes, it can.

Q19: Can the still photos be imported into Krpano?

A19: The panoramic images exported by Insta360 Studio can also be used on other similar platforms.

Q20: Can the TF card be renamed?

A20: Yes, it can.

Q21: Does the power supply of the camera allow DC input?

A21: Yes, it does.

Q22: Which particular software is recommended for video editing?

A22: Adobe Premiere

Q23: What is the main distinction between Insta360 4K and the products manufactured by Ricoh, such as Theta?

A23: Insta360 supports 4K video shooting while the highest resolution for Theta is 1080p.

Q24: Does it allow HDMI output?

A24: No,it does not.

Q25: Is the video shot by the camera be able to be viewed on ordibary mobile browsers?

A25: The videos exported by Insta360 Studio can be watched on Facebook and Youtube after they are uploaded.

After-Sales Help

Q1: The video shot by the camera seems blurry and doesn’t reach 4K quality.

A1: The video one sees is only a small portion of a magnified panoramic image. In order to have a high-resolution picture, the panoramic image has to be exported in its entirety and opened through media player. Meanwhile, we strongly seggest users setting the focus manually according to the different operating environments.

Q2: The "ghosting" occurs after installation and recalibration seems invalid.

A2: Make sure the distance between the object and the camera is larger than 1.5 meters. If the problem persists after the adjustment, please contact our customer service. (Notes:Customer should prepare a Android Phone,data cable and a laptop in advance).

Q3: After downloading the latest firmwares and rebooting the device, the camera still does not show the upgraded version of the firmwares.

A3: Check if the the files are put in the root directory of the SD card and the names of the files remain unchanged.( If it still does not work, please check the placement of SD card).

Q4: The video shot by the camera has no sound after connecting the device to an external microphone.

A4: Make sure it is 3.5mm microphone and there is still battery power left.

Q5: Even though the Noise Reduction switch is on during the shooting, the noise is still very loud.

A5: To ensure the camera is on good working condition during the shooting, the cooling fan would be on the whole time. One should use external microphone, if he feels the sound of the cooling fan interferes with the video shoot.

Q6: The background noise is louder than the formal speech and conversation during the video shoot.

A6: We suggest users using professional microphone to conduct sound collecting in a cluttered environment.

Q7: The camera will not start after the charge completes.

A7: Check if the camera is properly charged. The indicator would be on throughout the charging process. If it does, please contact us.

Q8: It takes too much time to export the video through Studio.

A8: We suggest users using high-performance computer with quad-core Intel i5 processor as the speed of video exporting depends on the performance of computer.

Q9: The video can not be opened through Studio in Windows XP.

A9: Check if the software is operated in the 64-bit operating system as it is the only operating system our software is compatible with.

Q10: Is the Player able to open the files in other fodders?

A10: Yes, It is.

Q11: How to add watermark to the video and what kind of software is recommended?

A11: The method is the same as that of the conventional videos and it can be done through video editing software, such as, Pr and AE.

Q12: Which format should be selected for the video that is exported through Pr?

A12: Please select standard H.264 and 2:1 resolution.

Q13: It cites Network Problem for the unsuccessful file uploading via studio.

A13: Please make sure the time in the computer and that of the internet in sync.

Q14: The player downloaded from the offical website can not function properly on Win7 computer.

A14: 1. Check if the computer is running on 64-bit operating system; 2. Uninstall the player and then reinstall it.

Q15: The video has sound but no pictures when it is being played on the phone.

A15: Please check the compatibility information in the Beginner's Guide. And if the phone is not the compatible model, we suggest using the players listed in the Guide.

Q16: The video shot by the camera can be played on cellphone but not on the PC where it has no sound and image, but the progress bar seems functional.

A16: Check if the PC is runing on 32-bit operating system and its software is the newly-upgraded version.

Q17: There is high rate of noise during night shoot.

A17: Please manually adjust the camera exposure during night shoot.

Q18: There are blind spots appearing on the top and bottom of the panoramic video.

A18: The resolution of the material for the Premiere editing should be a multiple of 8.

Q19: What are the resolution and bit rate during live streaming?

A19: One can change the parameters accordingly, but the default resolution is 2880x1440(2:1)bit rate:3000kb/s.

Q20: How to achieve live webcast and can VR glasses be used to watch the broadcast?

A20: Please refer to the live tutorial offered bt the offical website and yes, the broadcast can be viewed synchronously by VR glasses.